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Full Primary and/or Secondary DNS Domain Name Servers for your domain. Speed your web site access using our 2 hops from a backbone DNS servers.

We offer Windows 2003 Advanced Servers, IIS, e-commerce, MYSQL server, Professional Hosting Services on a low web site count, moderate traffic volume and high bandwidth (T1 line) with many ASP services already installed. Full Bulletin Board, Active Link Directory, and Photo Album to name a few. Merak e-Mail Server Software permits remote domain administration.

What does ASP stand for? Application Service Provider -Application service providers include a new generation of companies that manage high-availability data centers that deliver application-hosting services to software vendors and end users.

DarnFast dot Net inc will host and deploy the e-business solutions to its clients as a platform to provide end-users a single, secure and personalized point of entry via the Web that combines their enterprise information, applications and external Internet content into a single enterprise portal interface. DarnFast dot Net inc hosts mission-critical applications such as SQL4Rent.com, MRP, manufacturing systems and custom built applications.

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